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What do DJs do on their days off?

I work on the River Thames operating 3 party boats all year round, The Company of Watermen and Lightermen of the River Thames was founded in 1514, when the earliest Act of Parliament for regulating watermen, wherrymen and bargemen received Royal Assent from King Henry VIII. Under a further Act of 1555 the Company introduced apprenticeships for those wishing to learn the skills of the Watermen. In 1700 the Lightermen (carriers of goods/cargo) joined the Watermen’s Company. I

Top 10: Music Festivals in the UK 2022

#festival #deejay #dj #musicfestival #musician Field Day Festival lineup (2021): Bicep, Floorplan, The Blessed Madonna, DJ Seinfeld, George Fitzgerald, Mall Grab, Floating Points, Ross From Friends Now one of the capital's most loved music festivals, Field Day is curated by a collection of clubs and promoters from the London music scene, culminating in a forward-thinking, genre-pushing lineup that features live performances and DJ sets that showcase house, techno, hip-hop and

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